Abratech is a leading italian company since over 15 years in the production of polishing, diamond tools, suction cups and accessories for the glass and for the stone working.




The knowledge acquired in over 30 years of direct experience in glass and stone working systems allowed Abratech to know and analyze the issues of this sector to offer the final customer cutting-edge solutions.


Furthermore, the respect of the quality standards and the usage of the products with a low environmental impact led to the development of a range of tools with a high quality standard in terms of finishing and life and a low environmetal impact.







K-Mek is the trademark of Abratech specialized in the design and in the manufacturing of accessories for the glass and the stone working like suction cups, backstops, tool holders and other products on demand. The usage of CAD/CAM programs, the production department equipped with cutting-edge machines allow to face the challenges of today' s market in a winning way.


By choosing K-Mek as own partner, each customer will discover a new flexible and reliable ally even in different sectors as plastic and composit materials.






Abratech works side by side with its customers to find solutions that go beyond the conventional technology to satisfy new needs.

The respect of the leading times and the maximum availability are the main features of Abratech.
















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